Lake Sea Fishing 1000m Braided Fishing Line



Position: Stream,Reservoir Pond,Lake,Ocean Rock Fshing,River,Ocean Beach Fishing,Ocean Boat Fishing
Material: Braided Wire
Brand Name: KastKing
Model Number: SuperPower
Meters: 1000m
Shape: Level
With Scale or Not: No
With Ruler or Not: No
Buoyancy Characteristic: Floating Line
Position: Saltwater Fishing
Color: Gray, Green, Yellow, Blue
Diameter Range: 0.09-0.50mm
Material: PE
Suitable: Saltwater/Freshwater Fishing
Test Range(kg): 4.6-36.4KG
Test Range(LB): 10-80LB
Strands: 4
Braided Fishing Line: Multifilament Fishing Line
Lines: For Sea Fishing

KastKing SuperPower Braid offers the best variety of colors to match any water conditions or fishing situations.


SuperPower Braid comes in tensile strengths from 10lb to 80LB. Anglers will have the perfect line for any situation.



  • Incredible abrasion resistance and knot strength
  • Round and smooth design increase casting distance and overall fishability
  • Extremely low memory-easy  to cast and handle
  • Zero stretch creates a line with extreme sensitivity that delivers rock solid hooksets
  • Small diameter to test LB ratio