35Pcs/Box Mixed Fishing Lure


Position: River,Reservoir Pond,Lake,Ocean Boat Fishing
Type: Artificial Bait
Category: Fake Lure
Material: : Plastic
Color: : Random
Package Size: : 16cm * 14cm * 1.5cm

Package includes about 35 pieces soft lures and 10 jig head hooks of small size. 
Smooth and rapid diving action. 
Bright colors to attract big fish. 
Lifelike in the water. 
Soft and lightweight. 
Suitable for fishing lovers. 

Material: Plastic 
Color: Random 
Package Size: 16cm * 14cm * 1.5cm / 6.3inch * 5.5inch * 0.6inch 
Package Weight: 75g / 2.66oz 

The color of soft lures will be set in random and it can not affect the use. 

Package Content: 
35 x Lures 
10 x Hooks